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Working exclusively with Interior Designers
& Architects helping them to design and deliver exceptional projects

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Christopher Cooke has built a reputation for himself during the last 15 years working exclusively with high net-worth clients and alongside some of the leading interior design and architecture studios in the UK. His extensive knowledge encompasses both interior design and architecture, enabling him to offer a tailored service to interior designers, architects, clients, contractors, and project managers. His approach involves designing and executing meticulously crafted projects, carefully considering the unique requirements of each client.


Recognising the need for additional expertise in the field, Christopher founded Studio Cooke to provide support to interior designers and architects who may lack certain skills within their own studios. By working closely with his clients, Christopher fosters a collaborative environment where bespoke design solutions are created to reflect their specific needs, style, and vision. His proficiency in areas such as FF&E, lighting, materials, and spatial planning ensures outstanding outcomes that surpass expectations. 


Studio Cooke is a trusted partner for architects and interior designers seeking expert support for their projects. With his passion for design and commitment to excellence, the studio consistently delivers exceptional results that delight clients and enhance their spaces.

Photo of Christopher Cooke the founder of Studio Cooke

With a versatile portfolio ranging from traditional country houses to contemporary apartments, Christopher brings a wealth of experience to every project. He collaborates seamlessly with interior designers and architects, operating as a silent consultant who is perceived by clients as an integral part of your in-house team, representing your company.

Christopher's involvement in a project usually begins at RIBA Stage 3, but his services can be customized to suit the specific needs and requirements of your project.

His expertise in spatial planning, design, listed buildings, and interior design serves as a valuable asset, augmenting design teams and enabling them to deliver exceptional projects for their clients. By leveraging his skills and knowledge, Christopher enhances the strength and value of design teams, ensuring the successful realization of remarkable outcomes.

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"Christopher is a pleasure to work with, an agile and collaborative designer who commits the time necessary to make sure the job gets done. He is adept in communicating scenarios via sketches to make sure the design team can coordinate the necessary Mechanical, Electrical and Access requirements whilst delivering the right aesthetic. Classically trained with an keen eye for proportion and really useful on site visits and providing contemporary feedback regularly part of our team visits to sub-contractors workshops to get stuck in and help the project forge ahead".


Drawing on his background in architecture, Christopher integrates his trained eye into his role as a photographer. Operating from the UK, he collaborates with diverse clients and industry professionals globally. Possessing a wealth of expertise and versatility in various photographic genres, Christopher predominantly channels his skills into capturing the essence of architecture, interiors, and street scenes. His portfolio exudes an artistic and contemporary flair, skillfully employing natural light as his primary medium.

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